PTC Membership

Please join us and together we can make a difference in our children’s lives!  We invite all families to support the PTC and its programs by joining the PTC.

The purpose of the Forest PTC is to enhance the relationship between home and school and to assist Forest Elementary in originating and maintaining practical programs to enrich our children’s learning process.  The PTC (Parent Teacher Council) uses its resources, both manpower and monetary, to support all the efforts of the staff of our school.

As a Forest PTC member you will receive:

  • informative PTC emails, volunteer opportunities, PTC board meeting minutes, and more!
  • the honor of being an involved member of the Forest PTC family

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the 2016-2017-ptc-membership-form and return it to the Forest Main Office with your $10 donation.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Espino at 847-767-8388 or


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